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A day on Baltimore's Buses

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Sunday October 21st, 2012

One of the first things one does after moving to a new city is try its public transportation. Baltimore’s system failed me, as much as it failed everyone I know living here.

I tried taking the bus few times but the ride was never pleasant. Either the bus would not show up, the driver would see me and not stop, or the passengers made me uncomfortable.

I spent the day of October 21st hopping on and off the city buses, starting from north west of the city, all the way to the south east part. I took the first bus at 8:30am and the last one at 4:15pm. One thing I can tell you: it was eccentric.

Cute old man, dressed for church.
Bus Roulette sticker on bus #19.
This woman made me dance rap with her.
I talked to this man for some 15 minutes about everything and nothing.
Another Bus Roulette sticker on a bus stop sign.
Bus #10 was intoxicated by this woman's perfume and make up action.

Some sound memos
I recorded.

Bus ambient noise

MTA operator

chat with a disordered
man while waiting for
bus #3, about

a Ravens game

his poetry and books

two complaining women

For the chronological details of my day, visit the bus roulette blog.

And for a similar feel of Baltimore's MTA, in a different way, watch this.